Adult Search- How to use safe search?

Adult Search is not suitable for our children. Whether you and your children are using google search, you want organic results for any topic. So this blog helps you to enable SafeSearch.

With the help of SafeSearch, you can enable or filter sexually explicit content from all your results.

What is SafeSearch?

SafeSearch is an option that protects or helps from explicit Search. It is provided by the google search engine.

How SafeSearch works on your computer?

When SafeSearch is enabled on your computer or laptop, It helps not to show explicitly in your google search result while browsing any all questions. It will refine over websites, videos, and images, although it is not sure that it will work 100% filter it. But it is made to help to block specific results. For example, content like pornography results from your google search result while browsing.

When you enable or on SafeSearch on your browser, Google will show exact and accurate information your queries, but it may have included precise results also.

When you do SafeSearch is off on your browser, Google will help to block irrelevant data and provide your most accurate data for your searching.

You can turn on SafeSearch for Adult Search

  • The browser on your laptop or mobile and Personal Accounts
  • Those devices using for children’s supervision.
  • Offices, workplace, Public Place or school devices, and other home networks.

How to turn on or off SafeSearch?

You can click on “Setting” (As per photo shown above)

Then click on “Search Setting”

Tick or Untick on “Turn on SafeSearch” option (As shown above photo)

Then go to bottom of page and click on “Save” Button.

Important Point

SafeSearch will work only on Google Search Engine to protect from adult search.

And SafeSearch will not work on or help on networks from finding explicit data via other search engine browser if users are directly navigating the explicit websites.