4 Kind of drinks must avoid an empty stomach

4 Kind of drinks must avoid an empty stomach

In life, we often drink a different type of drink, but some may have brought health losses if we take it empty stomach. Do you know which kind of drinks that you can not have an empty stomach? People who are specialized in traditional Chinese medicine warn that there are four kinds of drinks!

1- Coffee

The white-collar workers who run around in the primary office is familiar with it. In essence, a coffee shop is the preferred place for a day-to-day business meeting, and coffee is also the pick-me-up “weapon.”

for those who are working overtime to stay up all night. Coffee contains caffeine, which, after entering into the body, will lead to a sympathetic tone to eliminate drowsiness, improve blood circulation, make the body warm and drive away from the tiredness. So it has the effect of “refreshing.”

But the sympathetic nerve will produce harmful effects on appetite if it is stimulated and exciting; that is, the desire will reduce. So a cup of coffee before a meal will make you not want to have food.

Besides, the gastric secretion will increase if the stomach are stimulated, which is terrible for the patients who suffer from gastric ulcer. But after dinner, the increase of the gastric secretion will help digestion. 

Therefore, it is OK to have it after dinner. Of course, the so-called “too far is as bad as too little” means that it must be controlled within the appropriate limit, even if the delicious food. 

In general, one day, two to three cups of coffee is sufficient for our health. If drinking four or five cups, most people will feel sick, and they must be careful.

2- Yogurt

People often discuss how having yogurt exactly is more beneficial to body health or when it is more conducive to the absorption of nutrients. 

Drinking yogurt in the fasting state is easy to stimulate the emptying of the gastrointestinal tract, so the nutrition of the yogurt has not to be absorbed before being discharged.

Having it after a meal may reduce the stimulus so that the yogurt is slowly absorbed in the stomach.

Nutrition experts:

 In general, after a meal within 30 minutes to two hours, the consumption of yogurt is the best. In normal conditions, the gastric juice pH value is 1-3; when fasting, the gastric juice is rendered to be acidic, PH value is below 2, where it is not fit for the increase of lactic acid bacteria in yogurt.

Besides, the best temperature for having the yogurt is ten ℃ -12 ℃, so pay attention to the yogurt temperature that should not exceed 50 ° C. Otherwise, it will make the bacteria lose activity.

3- Honey

Honey is a kind of natural nourishing food and the most commonly used supplements. It contains many inorganic salts whose density is similar to that of human serum and vitamins and facilitates the body to absorb.

Many people have the habit of taking a drink with honey water, preventing constipation, nourish the skin, and keep the body healthy.

Experts advise: the time of honey consumption may be careful. It is recommended to have it within 1.5-2 hours after a meal.

When fasting, drinking honey water will make the body more acidic, which will contribute to gastric or duodenal ulcer if keeping for a long time.

You had better have it with water of 30 degrees if you do not have a good stomach. Otherwise, you will suffer diarrhea, gastroenteritis, and other negative symptoms. But the water should not be at high temperature.

From the pharmacological point of view, the honey, if to be heated to 67 degrees, will destroy vitamins and reduce its aroma, nutritional value.

4- Slimming Tea

Summer is the time to lose weight and show off the high figure. To keep a good picture, the white-collar workers will have the slimming tea to control the pressure.

We are very familiar with tea. And we all know that we can not immediately have it after a meal. It is better after half an hour. But many people often do not notice that we can not have it with an empty stomach.

Just as an old saying: “we should drink tea with an empty stomach,” it does. Tea contains caffeine and other alkaloids.

Having tea with an empty stomach can easily lead to gastrointestinal discomfort and loss of appetite because of the intestinal absorption of too much caffeine.

The slimming tea product in the current market emphasizes the concept of Tea Health & Wellness. Its main ingredient is extracted from natural tea, which should not be absorbed in an empty stomach. 

The responsible person of a Well-known weight loss tea brand says that the right way to drink slimming tea will make it better to play a role. Then a significant one avoids having it with n empty stomach.

So pay attention to 4 kinds of drinks that you can not drink with an empty stomach. Otherwise, it will lead to disease. To drink beverages, healthily can prevent the disease.