patta chitta

தமிழக பட்டா மற்றும் சிட்டாவை – Patta Chitta

Patta Chitta, In this article, you will get all the information about TN Patta Chitta. We will brief you all the query of related to Online application, eligibility of use, how to check the application status and validity of TN Patta Chitta Online.

After reading this, you will not pay any fees to get information from another center. You can apply for Patta Chitta Online from Home by yourself.

TN Patta Chitta is a shred of official evidence or documents for you. It is a land record document provided by the Tamil Nadu Government.

Tamil Nadu government has introduced on official website portal so that you can quickly get the information or records of lands and property.

What is Patta?

A Patta is an authenticated and essential document for Tamil Nadu land. It comes under acts as a revenue record.

The Tamil Nadu government governs the patta document in the name of the owner of the particular property. Patta is also known as the ROR “Record of Rights.

A patta has the following documents.

  • The name of the owner
  • The Number of Patta
  • Subdivision and Survey Number
  • Name of the Specific District, taluk and village.
  • Area of Land and Dimensions data
  • Tax information.
  • Land condition, whether it is wetland or dryland.

What is Chitta?

Chitta is also an essential document of the Tamil Nadu government. Chitta document issued by the local authority office and village administrative officer (VAO).

It is also a necessary document for transactions related to property or plot and change of ownership.

Chitta is generated by the government, which has many such important details like ownership of land, or a specific part of the property, details of the property size and area wise.

The primary role of the Chitta is to maintain the data related to Dryland (Punjai) or wetland (Nanjai).

Wetland(NanJai) means land or area, which a specific part of ponds, revivers, and canals. (Where water ratio in property or area is high.)

Dryland (Punjai) means land or a particular area where the water contains is less or fewer.

Tamil Nadu Government has stopped issuing the Chitta Documents in 2015. Now Patta and Chitta are combined into a single authenticated and legal revenue documents for the property.

That’s why it is called “Patta Chitta.” it has all the information which are mentioned in Patta Documents and Chitta Documents earlier.

How to check patta Chitta view online?

The owner of land can check the patta by following steps as per given below.

You can visit the government of Tamil Nadu’s official site created for the revenue department.

To check the patta document/A-Register extract, click on “View Patta & FMB / Chitta / TSLR Extract

Then you will be redirected to a new page where you have a new screen.

Now Select

District (Concerned area belongs to)

Type (Rural or Urban)

Then click on the submit button.

Here you have to select the data as per requirements such as district, taluk, town, ward, survey number, sub-division, fill the authentication value and click on the submit button.

If all the detail is correct, then the town survey land register will produce the online certificate with all the features of particular property or land.

The certification has all the information like the type of area (wetland or dryland), type of construction, survey number, locality, municipal door number, etc.

Transfer procedure of Patta Chitta

The Transfer procedure of Patta Chitta is done when the sale of property events comes. The patta will be transferred the same as the registration process for patta land.

  • A Request Letter for the transfer of patta will be submitted to the concerned tehsildar office.
  • An application can be accepted or rejected after examined by the concerned officer.

You need the following document along with a request letter for transfer of TN Patta Chitta.

  • Copy of property sales record
  • Proof of possession required, such as water supply bill or electricity bill.
  • An Affidavit documents.

You can check the status of patta Chitta online.

To check the status click on

Submit the “Application ID” and fill the “captcha Value.”

After filling the data, you will get the status of your application for TN Patta Chitta.

How to verify your TN Patta Chitta online certificate?

You can check the authentication of certification, which is issued online. For check the validation

Visit the official website.

Click on verify Patta.

Fill the “Reference Number” and click on the submit button.

So you can download the Patta Chitta.

Fees of TN Patta Chitta authorized certification

You can get the Patta Chitta online certification by paying Rs.100.


TN Patta Chitta record arranged by Tamil Nadu Government. So People of Tamil Nadu can get their property certification or document with these easy steps.

Important FAQ’s

How do I check Patta Chitta’s online status?

You can visit the official website the home page, you will be able to see the status button “Know your Application status,” then fill the application id and captcha value. Now you will get the status of your TN Patta Chitta”.

What is the fee to get Patta Chitta online?

There are very nominal fees for Rs100. By paying this amount, you can get the verified TN Patta Chitta Online.

What is the Patta Chitta customer care number?

You can send the query and feedback by email. E-mail Address – [email protected]

Why do I need a Patta?

Patta is a legal proof for your ownership of land or property. It will protect yourself if any disputes come into your property.

Can Patta be applied to apartments?

NO, Patta is applicable for land and not Buildings. Patta has ownership details of the property. Apartment’s land owned by multiple ownership. So patta is not applicable for flats.

What is TN Patta Chitta FMB?

Patta Chitta FMB stands for “Field Management Book” it has a sketch and diagrams related to land property. FMB is stored, and it’s a record maintained by the concerned Tahsildar office.

Do you know about Patta Chitta Adangal?

Patta Chita Adangal also records and maintained by respective village administrative offices. It is also called as village account no.2. Patta Chitta adangal is updated every year by village administrative officer. It has information about the land-related, whether it is wetland or dryland.

What is “TSLR” and the difference between TSLR and Patta?

“TSLR” Stands for Town Survey Land Register, which same as Patta and record maintained by respective Town Tahsildar Office. TSLR is given when a property comes under Panchayat Government, and Patta is issued by if the property comes under the Munciple Government anyone can also check, view, and apply TSLR. TSLR and Patta are both legal revenue documents. Both are the same value and the same objective.