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What is Wish 5e?

Wish 5e is the most strong Spell a mortal creature can cast. If I say in simple language, you can modify the reality of fundamental with what you wish. It is a common and simple use of this Spell. You can duplicate any other spell of 8th level or lower level. You do not need to require any costly components in this Spell. Wish 5e has simple effects and works quickly.

  • You can make an object which has worth of 25000 GP in value, but Object should not be the magic item. It should not be more than 300 feet in any dimension. You can found it in the ground after created it will appear on unoccupied space area.
  • You have hit points on creature’s up to 20, and you can finish all the effects which described in the restoration spell.
  • You can increase the immunity power up to 10 creatures with specific damage which you want to face easily.
  • You can give immunity to yourself and all your partner for one magical specified effects for 8 hours. This immunity power fights against a lich’s life drain attack.
  • You can backtrack a single recent event and reverse time forcing a reroll of any roll made. It should be within the last round, including your previous turn. To make reality reshape, It has built a new result compared to what happened. For instance, A wish Spell (wish 5e) can reverse or undo an opponent’s successful save and it’s critical hit points or friends failed to save. It can be forced to reroll for made advantage or disadvantage so that you can select whether you want to choose an original roll or previous roll.

Characteristic of Wish 5e

Casting Time

1 action










Sorcerer, Wizard







You might be achieve something on the above option you have for a wish 5e though. You can precisely ask for your wish something as possible to the DM Dungeon Master, even above example. The Dungeon Master has better command in ruling what happen how’s your wish is going to good or bad. This Spell might have unsuccessful, and this effect partially achieved your desire. The more significant wish have chance to goes something wrong.

Best Spell, 5th Edition in 2nd Level

Frequently asked questions

Wish Spell Especially says that It can be duplicated in 8th level of Spell or lower but wish is a 9th level spell So Raw wish can not be used to get more wishes. Besides, The Spell gives the DM a unique advantage on what you can do beyond the Raw Wish. And in this situation, It is enabled to enormous penalties for trying to break the game (In case of DM has a Quad).